Membertational Flight Winners

Congratulations to the flight winners of the 2017 Membertaional Tournament:
Championship flight:
1st place B. Gibson, R. Gibson, R. Gibson, and R. Gibson
2nd place D. Edmonds, S. Rittenhouse, R,J.  Weaver, and J. Blevins
First flight:
1st place J.Daniel, B. Doss, H. Lea, and A.Tilley
2nd place L. Mills, M. Foster, T. Mills, and M. Bass
Second flight:
1st place R. Motley, C. Cassada, P. Daly, and C. Moore
2nd place V. Kiser, R. Yeatts, P. Miller, and R. Meadows
Third flight:
1st place S. Wells, F. Dodson, J. Daniel, and G Haymore
2nd place D. Dalton, B. Dalton, D. Gibson, and C. Hyler
                     T. Merricks, M. Harmon, R. Agee, JR, and B Whitt
Fourth flight:
1st pace S. Brooks, V. Brooks, T. Satterfield, and D. Satterfield
2nd place B. Powell, M. Gibson, J. Clay and M McGregor

Course Conditions

Course is open for regular play(90 degree rule in effect)

Sunny. High near 65F. Winds WNW at 10 to 15 mph.

-Updated: 11/16/17


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