Member/Member Tournament Weekend starts tomorrow night!
Pairing Party starts at 6:00 PM Friday night (Taproom will be closed). All players in the tournament are invited to come out for Chili and Beer as we unveil the pairings for the 2020 Member/Member Tournament.
We have a spot available if you did not get signed up before the deadline.

The course will be closed Saturday and Sunday during the tournament.
The Taproom hours will change starting next week.
Monday 9am to 3pm
Tuesday 9am to 3pm
Wednesday 9am to 6:30 pm (Wing Wednesday)
Thursday 9am to 3pm
Friday 9am to 5pm (Dinner next 4 Friday nights) must sign up
Saturday 8am to 5pm
Sunday 8am to 5pm
We are Bringing back the Salad Bar next Week!!
With Covid-19 modifications :(
Cam has over-seeded the driving range tee box with rye grass. The Driving Range will be MATS ONLY for the next week.
Please be patient as this will extend the life of the tee box and we will have GREEN grass to hit off of this winter.
Thank you!

Here are the Results for the 2020 Club Championship:

Tournament Results

Here are the results of the 2020 Two-Man Tournament:

Thanks to everyone who came out to watch and participate in the 2020 Member/Guest Tournament.
Congratulations to this weekends Winners!

What a great weekend at the Tusc!  Member/Member coming soon!!

The overall tournament winners are Christopher Baker and Mac Michaels.
Championship Flight
1st - J. Poplin/A. Manning - 132
2nd - L. Lovelace/S Wintrode- 137
3rd - E. Squier/G. Cassada - 140
M. Mitchell/J. Ferguson - 140
1st Flight
1st - T. Shelton/C. Anderson - 138
2nd - K. Kiser/V. McCarter - 140
3rd - T. Bowman/B. Hartman - 141
4th - K. Richardson/ M. Mann - 143
2nd Flight
1st - C. Baker/M. Michaels - 149
2nd - K. Van Asch/L. Van Asch - 150
W. Faulkenbury/S. Kilgore - 150
J.C. Sells/M. Redwood - 150
R.J. Weaver/R. Austin - 150
L. Mills/S. Wallker - 150
B. Gammon/B. Holley - 150
3rd Flight
1st - F. Dodson/G. Haymore - 150
2nd - S. Wells/D. Scearce - 151
R Framer/ D. Nicely - 151
4th - T. Mills/J. Dixon - 154
J. Dalton/A. Horsley - 154
4th Flight
1st - L. Gravett/N. Weaver - 153
2nd - R. Motley/J. Tubb - 158
3rd - C. Shelton/T. Green - 159
4th - C. Hobbs/T. Hobbs
5th Flight
1st- B. Dalton/A. Wyatt - 170
2nd - B. Powell/M. Powell - 171
3rd - C. Cassada/J. Yow - 172
4th - J. Fulton/T. Simpkins - 173
All payouts will be available on Tuesday, August, 11th.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the 2020 Membertational this year! We could not put on such successful tournaments with out you guys!

Congratulation to all the Flight Winners:

Championship Flight - B. Carson*T. Kelley*B. Kelley*M. Bayes

1st Flight - D. Rhodes*K. Richardson*S. Shackelford*M. Mann

2nd Flight - C. Shelton*A. Nick*E.Squier*D. Squier

3rd Flight - S. Wells*F. Dodson*J. Daniel*G. Haymore

4th Flight - T. MIlls*B. McDarmont*J. Monk*J. Wilson