Here are the results of the 2020 Two-Man Tournament:

Thanks to everyone that participated in the 2020 Membertational this year! We could not put on such successful tournaments with out you guys!

Congratulation to all the Flight Winners:

Championship Flight - B. Carson*T. Kelley*B. Kelley*M. Bayes

1st Flight - D. Rhodes*K. Richardson*S. Shackelford*M. Mann

2nd Flight - C. Shelton*A. Nick*E.Squier*D. Squier

3rd Flight - S. Wells*F. Dodson*J. Daniel*G. Haymore

4th Flight - T. MIlls*B. McDarmont*J. Monk*J. Wilson

In order to control social distancing better and to handle the volume of play during this time, we will be taking TEE TIMES EVERYDAY. Please do not assume because you have played at a certain time before that the tee time will be reserved. In order for this to work everyone needs to call.The tee times will be adhered to strictly, so please be on time and have enough times for the number of players.
Call the Golf Shop to schedule tee times -
Taproom update
We have extended the deadline for sing-ups for the Easter Sunday Take Out until Friday, April 10th at 5:00 PM. When you call, please indicate what meal(s) you want, as well as the vegetables and dessert.
Also, the Taproom will be open MONDAY, April 13th for Easter Monday.
Reminder: The Taproom is take out only and call your order in ahead of time - 724-7121.

We have a lot of events for our membership to participate in throughout the year.  Please stay in formed by checking back here often, making sure you have a copy of the most current newsletter, and checking emails from the club.  If you have any questions, feel free to call teh Golf Shop (724-4191) or Taproom (724-7121) to ask about a particular event.

2019 Membership Recruitment / Dues Schedule

  1. Members that don’t recruit other members will follow the ‘Non-Recruitment Dues Structure’ below starting February 1, 2019.
  2. If a current member recruits a new member starting February 1, 2019, both members will follow the ‘Recruitment Dues Structure’.

Age Structure Changes:

  • Junior age – 35 & below - (Current Junior Members as of January 31, 2019 shall be grandfathered as Junior until age 40)
  • Regular age – 36 through 69
  • Senior age – 70 & older - (Current Regular Members will be able to be a Senior Member on April 1, 2021)


Recruitment Dues Structure

Note: If either the new recruit or the current member resigns before 2020 the remaining member shall revert to the 'Non-recruitment Dues Structure.'

  2019 2020 2021 2022
  Effective 2/1/19 Effective 4/1/20 Effective 4/1/21 Effective 4/1/22
Junior $110 $123 $136 $150
Regular $125 $146 $167 $190
Senior $115 $133 $151 $170

*Any member who joined under the 2018 Recruitment Plan and was receiving the $20/month credit shall continue to receive the credit unless he/she recruits a member which would allow them to be under the Recruitment Dues Structure.

* Non-resident memberships and Recreational memberships not included in this program


Private Owned Cart Plan

Starting April 1, 2020 or when you sign a new recruit, a private cart fee will be $65/month for an individual and $75/month for family plus inspection fees.

Tuscarora Owned Cart Fee Plan

Starting February 1, 2019, a member can sign (year term) pay $65/month plus $5 cart fee each time you ride, 7 days a week.

Starting February 1, 2019, a member can sign (year term) pay $45/month plus $5 cart fee each time you ride, weekends only.

 Dues structure above does not include Capital improvement fees. ($10.00 per month)