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This month Steve held his JR Golf CAmp.  We had 14 Jr golfers participate in  the 3 day event.  It was exciting to see young people on the course, as they are the future of golf and our club.JR golf camp

Member/Guest Results

Congratulations to Hunter Shelton and Chandler Wilkins, they were the overall winners in the 2017 Member/Guest Tournament.


Below are the results for all the flights:



1st Hunter Shelton/Chamdler Wilkins

2nd J.C. Sells/Mike Redwood

3rd Brent Gammon/Bev Holley



1st Joe Poplin/Randy Poplin

2nd R.J.  Weaver/Scott Davis

3rd Lee Lovelace/Scott Wintrode



1st Brian Whitt/Tyler Merricks

2nd David Dalton/Glenn Pulley

3rd Donald Murphy/Richard Davis



1st Jon Paul Cassada/Marc Morris

2nd Steven Wells/Jacob Daniel

3rd Keith Van Asch/Logan Van Asch



1st Vern Cowan/Danny Saunders

2nd Ryan Welch/Kyle Kiser

3rd Dave Giffen/Terry Robinson



1st Brad Crewa/Phillip Gardner

2nd Bob Warren/Greg Haymore

3rd Jeff Gignac/Brad Crouch



1st Bobby Lovelace/Andy Loftis

2nd Kenneth Schultz/Brent Craddock

3rd Beau Arnn/Buford Arnn




Ladies' Member/Guest Tournament

Cogratulations to the winners of today's TLGA Member/Guest Tournament!


 Low Gross

1st place      A. Sheets/V. Oakes/T. Henderson/R. Fulcher

2nd place    J. Herndon/A. Blankenship/E. Mise/C. Almond


Low Net

1st place     J. Foster/S. Chandler/P. Crew/G. Haskins

2nd place   L. Dixon/p. Pulley/C. Reynolds/L. Wilkerson


Two-Man Results

Here are the Two Man Tournament Results.  Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the participants!


Championship Flight                    2nd flight
1st place                                             1st place
J.Wall/J. Dillard                            R. Gibson/B. Gibson
2nd place                                          2nd place
D. Woodson/D. Murphy           D. Rhodes/S. Shackleford
A. Tilley/S. Helton        
First Flight                                        3rd Flight
1st place                                            1st place
JC Sells/N. Daly                            D. Arnold/G. Whitting
2nd place                                         2nd place
R. Gibson/R. Gibson                 M. Holley/ D. Holey

Sunday tee times for 2MAN Tournament

Championship Flight            
J. Wall/J. Dillard    67    9:50    10th tee
D. Murphy/ D. Woodson    68    9:50    10th tee
A. Tilley/ S. Helton    68    9:40    10th tee
E. Squier/ M. Bayes    68    9:40    10th tee
D. Edmonds/ B. Cadieux    68    9:30    10th tee
S. Patterson/ G. Yeatts    69    9:30    10th tee
B. Cassada/ G. Cassada    69    9:20    10th tee
M. Foster/ J. Gillie    70    9:20    10th tee
C. Salmon/ G. Martel    70    9:10    10th tee
B. Gammon/ S. Mantiply    70    9:10    10th tee
1st Flight            
R. Gibson/R. Gibson    71    9:00    10th tee
J. Sells/N. Daly    71    9:00    10th tee
J. Hardy/ E. Cox    71    8:50    10th tee
S. Rittenhouse/ M. Gammon    71    8:50    10th tee
K. Payne/ A. Moore    72    8:40    10th tee
K. Kiser/ S. Foust    72    8:40    10th tee
A. Gammon/ C. Brown    73    8:30    10th tee
J. Gillie/ B. Wade    73    8:30    10th tee
P. Daly/ C. Moore    73    8:50    1st tee
2nd Flight            
S. Wells/ F. Dodson    74    9:50    1st tee
D. Rhodes/ S. Shackleford    74    9:50    1st tee
K. Richardson/ S. Brumfield    74    9:40    1st tee
J. Arnold/ Z. Crews    74    9:40    1st tee
T. Shelton/ H. Shelton    75    9:30    1st tee
A. Abts/ W. Essick    75    9:30    1st tee
V. Kiser/ B. Whitney    75    9:20    1st tee
J. Hopkins/B. Carson    75    9:20    1st tee
B. Thompson/ G. Jones    75    9:10    1st tee
B. Gibson/ R. Gibson    75    9:10    1st tee
3rd Flight            
D. Arnold/G. Whiting    76    9:00    1st tee
M. Holley/ D. Holley    76    9:00    1st tee
R. Harroway/ D. Poe    80    8:50    1st tee
C. Cassada/ J. Yow    80    8:40    1st tee
M. Mitchell/ C. Shelton    80    8:40    1st tee
K. Kiser/ W. Faulkenbury    82    8:30    1st tee
J. Davis/J. Dodd    83    8:30    1st tee

Two-Man Sat Tee Times

8:00    D. Arnold/G. Whiting    J. Hardy/ E. Cox
8:10    R. Harroway/ D. Poe    K. Kiser/ W. Faulkenbury
8:20    A. Gammon/ C. Brown    J. Hopkins/B. Carson
8:30    J. Davis/J. Dodd    C. Salmon/ G. Martel
8:40    J. Wall/J. Dillard    B. Thompson/ G. Jones
8:50    S. Wells/ F. Dodson    C. Cassada/ J. Yow
9:00    R. Gibson/R. Gibson    B. Gibson/ R. Gibson
9:10    J. Sells/N. Daly    A. Tilley/ S. Helton
9:20    T. Shelton/ H. Shelton    E. Squire/ M. Bayes
9:30    M. Holley/ D. Holley    B. Cassada/ G. Cassada
9:40    A. Abts/ W. Essick    B. Gammon/ S. Mantiply
9:50    V. Kiser/ B. Whitney    P. Daly/ C. Moore
10:00    D. Murphy/ D. Woodson    D. Edmonds/ B. Cadieux
10:10    J. Gillie/ B. Wade    M. Mitchell/ W. Martin
10:20    D. Rhodes/ S. Shackleford    K. Richardson/ S. Brumfield
10:30    K. Payne/ A. Moore    J. Arnold/ Z. Crews
10:40    K. Kiser/ S. Foust    S. Rittenhouse/ M. Gammon
10:50    M. Foster/ J. Gillie    S. Patterson/ G. Yeatts

Membertational Flight Winners

Congratulations to the flight winners of the 2017 Membertaional Tournament:
Championship flight:
1st place B. Gibson, R. Gibson, R. Gibson, and R. Gibson
2nd place D. Edmonds, S. Rittenhouse, R,J.  Weaver, and J. Blevins
First flight:
1st place J.Daniel, B. Doss, H. Lea, and A.Tilley
2nd place L. Mills, M. Foster, T. Mills, and M. Bass
Second flight:
1st place R. Motley, C. Cassada, P. Daly, and C. Moore
2nd place V. Kiser, R. Yeatts, P. Miller, and R. Meadows
Third flight:
1st place S. Wells, F. Dodson, J. Daniel, and G Haymore
2nd place D. Dalton, B. Dalton, D. Gibson, and C. Hyler
                     T. Merricks, M. Harmon, R. Agee, JR, and B Whitt
Fourth flight:
1st pace S. Brooks, V. Brooks, T. Satterfield, and D. Satterfield
2nd place B. Powell, M. Gibson, J. Clay and M McGregor

Tee times for 2017 Membertational

Here are the tee times for Saturaday


Championship Flight    
B. Gibson, R. Gibson, R. Gibson, R. Gibson    10:10
B. Gammon, S. Mantiply, J. Bennett, M. Redwood    9:00
J. Love, D. Woodson, F. Skeen, D. Swain    11:00
J. Hardy, V. Hardy, D. Arnold, J. Wall    8:50
D. Rhodes, S. Shackelford, K. Richardson, S. Brumfield    10:20
K. Kiser, R. Newman, M. Kilgore, J. Franklin    10:00
D. Edmonds, S. Rittenhouse, R. Weaver, J. Blevins    8:20

First Flight    
J. Daniel, B. Doss, H. Lea, A. Tilley    8:40
T. Shelton, H. Shelton, M. Mitchell. S. Shelton    7:40
L. Mills, M. Foster, T. Mills, M. Bass    11:20
M. Holley, C. Easley, R. Rowles, J. Gillie    12:00
S. Foust, D. Murphy, B. Carson, M. Sigmon    9:30
C. Baker jr., B. McDarmont, M. Michals, M. Jamison    8:00
L. Lovelace, B. Crews, P. Gardner, S. Wintrode    9:10

Second Flight    
V. Kiser, R. Yeatts, P. Miller, R. Meadows    1:10
B. Robinette, R. Pruitt, B. Reynolds, D. McMillian    12:50
R. Motley, C. Cassada, P. Daly, C. Moore    12:30
C. Smith, K. Payne, A. Harper, S. Harper    11:10
B. Dalton, A. Moore, B. Gibbs, A. Wyatt    9:50
J. Cassada, Z. Fugate, D. Distad, T. Price    8:00

Third Flight    
M. Dalton, D. Dalton, D. Gibson, C. Hyler    12:40
T. Merricks, M. Harmon, R. Agee jr., B. Whitt    10:40
S. Wells, F. Dodson, J. Daniel, G. Haymoore    12:20
P. Turner, T. Mathena, K. Van Asch, C. Turner    7:50
B. Toler, H. Ricketts, P. Keesec, K. Smith    11:30
B. Warren, B. Lovelace, D. Loftis, A. Loftis    9:20

Forth Flight    
S. Brooks, V. Brooks, T. Satterfield, D. Satterfield    10:50
L. Gravett, G. Young, N. Weaver, B. Weaver    1:00
R. Campbell, J. Hayden, B. Whitney, M. Wilson    10:30
K. Schultz, T. Willis, T. Rogers, B. Craddock    8:30
R. Agee, J. Buslong, D. Holshouser, E. Motley    7:30
B. Powell, M. Gibson, J. Clay, M. McGregor    12:10

2017 Women's Tournament Schedule

2017 Women's Tournament Schedule


President's Handicap - June 13th and 15th

Tuscarora Member-Guest - July 11th

Member-Member - July 25th

Memorial Tournament - August 19th and 20th

Club Championship -  September 16th and 17th

Tuscarora Fall Fling - October 5th

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